About ResellRightsPLR.com

I have decided to make selling PLR products even easier and more profitable by removing the lazy people from the mix.  I have decided to FIRE all of the cheap sellers, and all of the people that come crying to my support desk about Joe Blow selling this product or that product for $5.00 and how can they make a profit when there are people out there practically giving my PLR products away! (those are the clueless ones)

ResellRightsPLR.com is very different than what I do over at BuySaleWebsites.com while yes those products are great, and you can make loads of cash with them if you do not mind doing a tiny bit of work to re-brand them, we have made re-branding non-optional over here at ResellRightsPLR.com.

So you must be wondering how have I made ResellRightsPLR.com better in many ways than most other PLR sites?

You're really not going to believe it actually.

ResellRightsPLR.com products do not come with Graphics, and they do not come with sales letters.  They come with something even better! Here in the ResellRightsPLR.com members area we actually walk you through creating your own sales letters and your own graphics and.... we help you niche your products out so that they are One Of A Kind.

Now, don't start getting scared yet... I could tell I was losing you with that statement.. but trust me, we do not expect that you are suddenly going to know how to start writing your own sales copy, we hold your hand the whole way and give you tons of ideas and 'words you can use' with each product - keep reading while I explain.

When you are done, your products will be a one of a kind, unlike any other ResellRightsPLR.com members product, if you can follow simple directions and are ok with a tiny bit of work (oh, and yes you can outsource this work if you prefer).

Let's dive right into what you DO get every single month.  The best way for me to explain it is to just down right show you!


ResellRightsPLR.com Module #1
Get 4
Hot Private Label Rights
Products EVERY Month

You're going to get 4 complete Private Label Rights products delivered to you each and every single month.

These are going to be products that start out at 10,000 to 12,000 words words which usually come out to about 50-60 pages of formatted text, but after you are done you will likely have a 25,000 word or more product, this will bring you up to a 120 page manual with ease that is one of a kind meaning ZERO competition for you (details coming very soon, keep reading).

These eBooks are high grade, easy to make money with products that are not only packed with cutting edge information by an industry leading expert but also a product you'll be down right proud to put your name on.

Best of all, you get between 4 brand new, never before sold books, every month for as long as you stay a ResellRightsPLR.com member!

That means that you'll have a steady supply of products to release for the entire life of your business!

Do you think you'd be considered more of an expert, generate more sales and get far more recognition in multiple different niches if you released a new product every week?

Sure you would!  And that's what you can do with your ResellRightsPLR.com products!  Talk about prolific product creation!

Just think of the cash you could be raking in when you are releasing a new one of a kind niche product Every 7 days for the whole darn year!

At the end of the year you will have at least 52 niche websites up and running, if you price your products at only $37.00 each and sell only one of each of those 52 product each week that would be a total of 52 sales per week or 2704 sales each year times $37 equals a whopping $100,048.00

Now clearly I am not saying you will have that kind of success, I ethically can not.  Heck you may not sell anything at all!  But if you do think you can put your new 52 products on a site like ClickBank and sell just one of each product once a week then that is the kind of success you may experience.

You may sell more!

Think about the customer lists you will be able to build in multiple different niche markets that you will also now be able to sell other backend offer and affiliate products to! 

The income potential is truly staggering if you are one of the few that understand why you would want to sell backend products to your new client base.


ResellRightsPLR.com Module #2
Articles, Articles, Articles
You Can Use However You Want!

If being able to release a product a week for life without ever having to create a product on your own wasn't enough for you, wait until you hear about this...

You are also going to be getting 25 sizzling hot articles with each niche ebook included in the members area that will blow your socks off!

Now you can quickly and easily start selling your product the same day you download it with these packages that include articles, and more articles...

  • INFUSE these articles into your books! THE main reason I am adding these articles with each niche is so that you can follow the simple instructions we include on how to work these articles into your new niche targeted books!  By adding these articles into the book you take the base books from 12,000 words to over 25,000 words.  Some may need small transitions written to work them into the book properly.

    This is part of the 'Secret Sauce' that will make your finished ResellRightsPLR.com niche books different than all other ResellRightsPLR.com members.  When you follow our instructions there is no way your book will resemble any other members books when you are done infusing all of this extra content into it, that we 100% provide to you at no additional cost whatsoever!

  • Use these articles to post to article directories that promote your niche product websites.  These will brand you and the expert and drive traffic to your sites!

  • Use these articles on your websites blog to increase search engine activity on your site! I am sure if you are reading this then you know all about the power of blogs in getting search traffic to your site.  This is a no brainer module included at not extra cost.

  • Merge some of the article content into your sales letter, there is great content in each article that will help spice up your sales message!

You can use these articles many different ways to help market your site! When used correctly you also will end up with a totally unique one of a kind niche product! 

And no worries- we provide tons of manuals and instructions on how to do this!

Yes there is a little bit of work involved here, but remember we have done 95% of the work for you, by us leaving this small amount of room for you to customize your niche products we are actually forcing you into success!

Sure, we could have just done it all for you, but by leaving a little room for your customizations by pasting these articles randomly throughout your books you will have a product that is truly your own work!

We spend thousands each month to bring you these additional articles and include them all at no additional cost.

The value of this module is thousands of dollars when you consider how much I paid our writers for this first class content.

But this module gets even better when you see what we have for you in the next module...


ResellRightsPLR.com Module #3
Complete Step By Step Sales Letter Customization Crash Course

One of the worst things about PLR products as I mentioned above is 500 people sometimes more all trying to sell the same exact product with the same exact sales letter.  We have solved this problem by forcing you into having a one of a kind sales letter!

Now keep in mind that while there is a tiny bit of work involved here too, it gets easy after the 1st time. 

Yes this process will take you a few hours the 1st time you do it,, so if you are into upload and forget it PLR products and do not mind competing with a bunch of bozo's selling perfectly good PLR products for $3.33 then a ResellRightsPLR.com membership is not for you anyway!

If you are looking for a Big Red Easy Button, then you are wasting your time reading this, the BuySaleWebsites.com option would be better for you.

If on the other hand you are open to a small amount of work to help insure your success, please allow me to walk you through writing your own sales letters step by step!  I have included my detailed 67 page "Sales Letter Customization Crash Course" manual to walk you through the process.

We also include a ton of the actual sales copy with each of the ResellRightsPLR.com products  that you can use in each of your sales letters in an almost cut and paste fashion!

  •  Includes our detailed 67 page "Sales Letter Customization Crash Course"

  • Includes an easy step by step sales letter HTML template for you to fill in the blanks!

  • We also have included our "Fast Action Ideas" PDF guide with each of the individual products you receive each month.

The fast action idea guide I mentioned above comes with each niche product and includes 5 or more headlines you can use for your sales letters, we include tons of sales letter bullet points, sub headlines, and tons of other great content as well that you can either use as-is right in your custom sales letters, or change this included content up to make your sales letter your own as we recommend and walk you through in the sales letter creation guide!

It like getting a bonus PhD. in copyrighting with your membership!  This is a seriously easy to start writing your own high converting sales letters when you follow my fast track course!

If you still feel like you need some additional help, don't worry because we've also created...


ResellRightsPLR.com Module #4
The Official ResellRightsPLR.com Coaching Manual & Forum!

We created a step by step manual that we could use to train anyone on how to cash in with niche products on the Internet.

You are going to get the entire manual that will teach you things like...

  • Where to get a merchant account instantly (and free) that will allow you to start accepting credit cards and eChecks today!

  • How to setup an order button quickly & easily and get it on to your website without any technical knowledge!

  • Where to get awesome software like an HTML website editor and FTP software for uploading your sites absolutely free!  No trials, no tricks, no BS!

  • How to make fast customizations to any PLR website so that you can have it personalized to you in just minutes without a major site overhaul!

  • The easy & fast way to upload your website and get it on the web as fast as possible so you can start making money immediately.  All with free software!

And that's just a small taste of what you will find buried in this manual.  Everything is documented via text and with hundreds of high quality screenshots for a true "watch me do it, then you do it" experience!

Even if you've never created an order button, edited a webpage or uploaded a website you can use this manual to do all of these things without any technology headaches!

Now that you have tons of products, hot websites with sales letters and graphics, and you have a live website, you are going to need some advanced ideas/techniques for taking your business to the next level...


ResellRightsPLR.com Module #5
"Product Analysis Guide For Each PLR Product"

As you can see, I'm firmly dedicated to making sure that you not only have hot products to sell for life at a ridiculously low price but I'm also dedicated to seeing you really succeed!

To keep that movement going, I am going to give you a super fast action "Product Analysis" guide with each niche product we develop in ResellRightsPLR.com.

This in depth niche analysis for each and every product includes

  • Google Adwords Data

  • Full niche keyword lists

  • Potential product titles

  • Market research links and resources

This Module is really the one that brings everything you get in your ResellRightsPLR.com membership to the next level and allows you to elevate your success to one that brings in thousands of dollars every month!

Just when you think I couldn't add anything else...


ResellRightsPLR.com Module #6
"More Step By Step Guides To Insure Your Success"

I am so dedicated to seeing you succeed with my ResellRightsPLR.com niche products that I am always creating more guides to help insure your success!!

Just take a look at the kind of training materials we have in the members area with more guides coming all of the time!

Most sites that you get Private Label Rights products from never do anything but give you the products and forget about you.

Here at ResellRightsPLR.com, I am dedicated to making absolutely sure that you have the opportunity to profit from each and every one of the products that you get with your monthly membership.

As you can see, I have included an incredible collection of quick start guides to get your started.

This collection of Quick Start guides will get you up and running fast and without a bunch of confusing stuff.

Best of all, these guides are easy reads that will have you creating a totally unique product in under and hour. You'll get even faster the second, third, fourth time and so on.

  • Thank You Page Quick Setup pdf NEW!

This short, yet detailed guide will carry you through the process of setting up your own thank you page in a way that serves your customers while you sleep.

You'll also learn how to reduce refunds and help your customers have more confidence in you and your products.

  • Physical Product Profits Quick Start Manual pdf NEW!

In this short, but revealing report you will learn the secrets of turning your ResellRightsPLR.com products into high end, high profit products.

You may have never considered this strategy but it could be one of the most profitable things that you ever do!

  • The Official ResellRightsPLR.com Quick Start Manual pdf Updated!

The Official ResellRightsPLR.com Quick Start Manual is a complete manual for going over every resource in the entire ResellRightsPLR.com web site.

Make sure that you go through this manual first as it will allow you to get the most out of your membership every month. Not to mention we discuss some pretty cool techniques for getting your business running smoothly.

August 25th, 2016 - The Quick Start Guide Has Been Updated And Expanded!

  • The Be Unique Quick Start Manual pdf

The Be Unique Quick Start Manual is a manual that we put together to teach you exactly how to be unique.

More specifically, you will actually walk through the customization of a product with me so that you can get a firm understanding of how the process works. This one manual alone is worth your membership fee so make sure that you read it.

  • The Market Multiplier Quick Start Manual pdf

The Market Multiplier Quick Start Manual is centered around branching out with your ResellRightsPLR.com products.

When you see what this system is (it's actually very short to read) you're going to be excited to get started.

I guarantee that you've never seen anything like this so don't miss out on this must read information.

  • Why Re-Brand Manual pdf

The Why Re-brand Manual is actually a pretty beefy manual on why it's so important to re-brand your products.

You'll learn the benefits as well as tons of strategies for setting your product apart from the crowd.

This manual really rounds out the ResellRightsPLR.com re-branding system so that you end up with unique and easily sellable products.

Your Sales Letter Customization Crash Course is the most detailed guide on creating a sales letter you've ever seen.

Best of all, the whole point of the course is to create a letter that's totally unique WITHOUT having to write your copy from scratch!

You will learn how to use all of the existing resources that come included with your ResellRightsPLR.com membership to create a unique sales letter!


ResellRightsPLR.com Module #7
You Pick The Niche, I Pay The Product Development Bill, Module

If all of the awesome tools, resources, video, audio and other tools that I'm including aren't enough, I want to include something even more powerful.

In fact, this could be one of the most empowering things that I could ever do for you.

I'm going to let you choose the products that you want created and then I'm going to pay to have them created!

Here's how it will work...

  • You will submit your ideas for products you want to see created every month, of course this is optional, you are free to just take the products we give you.

  • We place the product ideas in queue and on our product creation schedule.

  • You get the product once it is complete as part of the regular monthly ResellRightsPLR.com membership products.

This is one of the key factors that obviously sets us apart from any other site, service or product out there.

I mean, who else is going to take YOUR product idea, have the product created and manage the writer, pay the product development bill and then deliver it to you EVERY month for less than the cost of a single DVD movie?

We both know the answer is no one!

Just think about this...

Have you ever had a product idea that you thought would be a surefire winner but lacked the time, knowledge, resources or cash to create the product?

If you answered "Yes", then let me create your product for you and pay the development cost.  I sincerely want to create your product.

Join ResellRightsPLR.com As One Of Our Launch Members, And I Will Let You In For Just TWO DOLLARS Today And Then Just $2.00 A Month As Long As You Decide To Stay A Member.

 NOT The Normal $147 To Start And $47 A Month That Everyone Else Will Pay In 2017!